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Current Research

Current Research

Dr Patel is leading a translational research programme in the field of aortic disease. Specifically he is conducting an epidemiological study to understand the extent of aortic disease and inequities of health care provision in this patient group across New Zealand, a human lab based study to understand the pathophysiology of hypertension in patients with aortic disease, a radiomic and Ai based study to better predict those patients at higher risk of aortic dissection and a randomised controlled trial of surgical interventions to promote false lumen thrombosis in patients with acute type a aortic dissection.


He has received the John Burton Award from Manaaki Manawa – The Centre for Heart Research at the University of Auckland. His work has featured in national media ( He is also conducting a prospective registry to better understand the safety and durability or prosthetic valves in young patients with rheumatic heart disease.


Finally Mr Patel has an interest in improving the methodological quality of surgical trials and is currently investigating statistical methods to adjust for the surgical learning curve in surgical trials. For those interested in participating in studies or undertaking research, please get in touch directly.

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