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Cardiac and Thoracic Fellowship Opportunities

Waikato Cardiothoracic Unit is a leading center for cardiac and thoracic surgery, offering a fellowship program that provides a high level of exposure to supported and independent operating as well as complex surgical pathology. Our unit treats a wide spectrum of challenging surgical pathology, and our surgeons have expertise in a variety of procedures including off-pump coronary revascularization, mitral valve repair, complex aortic surgery including hybrid procedures, VATS lobectomy, and rib fixation and chest wall reconstruction.

Our fellowship program is designed to provide trainees with a broad and in-depth experience in all aspects of cardiac and thoracic surgery. International fellows will have the opportunity to work alongside our experienced surgeons, gaining hands-on clinical experience and theatre exposure, with a focus on supported and independent operating.

Fellows will be exposed to a high level of complex surgical pathology, allowing them to gain valuable experience in treating challenging cases. They will participate in daily consultant-led teaching rounds, where they will learn about clinical diagnosis and decision-making. In addition, we hold active weekly sessions on core cardiothoracic topics and a complimentary weekly journal club. Trainees and fellows are also included in weekly thoracic and cardiac multidisciplinary meetings, giving them the opportunity to learn from a variety of specialists in the field.

We also offer regular simulation sessions that cover areas related to surgical technique and dexterity development. These sessions allow trainees and fellows to practice their skills in a controlled environment, with guidance from experienced surgeons. Our simulation sessions are an excellent way to build confidence and improve surgical proficiency.

Our fellowship program is not just limited to the clinical aspect, we also encourage and support our fellows to present and publish academic work. The unit has a strong research culture and is committed to providing opportunities for academic development.

We provide a comprehensive and stimulating learning experience for all of our trainees and fellows. Our fellowship program is an excellent opportunity for surgeons to develop the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their careers, with a focus on high level of exposure to supported and independent operating and complex surgical pathology. 


We are committed to helping our fellows to achieve their goals and become experts in the field of cardiothoracic surgery.

Current and Past Fellows

Mr Roberto Marsico - MD
Roberto is an advanced fellow in cardiothoracic surgery who joined our team in 2023.

He completed his medical school in Italy and specialized in cardiothoracic surgery in both Italy and the UK. Roberto has spent time in Bristol, Leicester, and Brighton before commencing his advanced fellowship.

He has a keen interest in major aortic surgery and complex valvular surgery.
Mr Duncan Steele - FRCS(CTh) 
Duncan joined the team in 2022 as an advanced fellow in cardiothoracic surgery.
​He completed training and gained specialist registration in the UK before embarking on his Waikato fellowship. 

Duncan has demonstrated excellent surgical skills in the fellowship and is comfortable in all aspects of adult cardiac surgery.

Post Fellowship 

Consultant Cardiac Surgeon 

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital  

Liverpool, United Kingdom 

Mr Alessandro Viviano - FRCS(CTh) 

Alessandro joined the team in 2021 as an advanced fellow in cardiothoracic surgery. He excelled in all areas of patient care, especially complex aortic surgery. 

"Complex aortic and combined multivalvular procedures and high-risk redo cases are performed on a daily basis in Waikato, with continuous mentoring opportunities that have helped me develop robust decision-making and sound independent thinking."

Post Fellowship 

Consultant Cardiac and Aortic Surgeon 

Hammersmith Hospital

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust 

London, United Kingdom 

David McCormack_14Dec2021_0027.JPG
Mr David J McCormack - FRCS(CTh) 
David joined the team in 2016 as an advanced fellow in cardiothoracic surgery.
​He completed training and gained specialist registration in the UK before embarking on his Waikato fellowship. 

David completed the advanced cardiothoracic surgical fellowship before being recruited onto staff in Waikato. 

Post Fellowship 

Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon 

Waikato Hospital

Aotearoa, New Zealand

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